Taewon International logistics Co.,Ltd
will do its best to help our customers succeed in their business!

Corporate Philosophy

‘Providing the ultimate logistics service for customer satisfaction’

This is the corporate philosophy of Taewon International Logistics Co., Ltd. Our employees in Taewon International logistics work with our professional knowledge and active service mind on various requests of our clients based on our professional mission to contribute to the development of the Korean industry as transporting import and export cargo.

Corporate Vision

#Leader in logistics industry that provide global network and comprehensive logistics services

  • @ Constructing global network / partnerships

    Taewon International Logistics Co., Ltd is able to carry out business with partnerships of logistics companies in more than 200 countries around the world, so we can transport to all countries except for disputed areas and UN-sanctioned countries.

  • @ Nurture professional manpower in logistics.

    Through our in-house training support programs, we support our employees to obtain various certifications such as logistics manager, bonded cargo management, and dangerous goods handling certification.

  • @ Freight competitiveness and
    the best logistics solutions.

    Taewon International logistics is Competitive freight rates and best logistics solutions Main services by continent & country through strategic alliances, we are constantly striving to provide competitive logistics costs and provide the best logistics solutions to our customers.