Taewon International logistics Co.,Ltd
will do its best to help our customers succeed in their business!

“ Taewon International Logistics Co., Ltd. will be committed to supporting our clients' successful businesses. ”

  • Taewon International Logistics is always putting forth its best efforts to provide competitive logistics costs and the most optimal logistics solutions in order to be ‘the best logistics partner that provides convenience and satisfaction to our clients’. We are leading the logistics market by swiftly reading and responding to the ever-changing international situations and environmental changes in the shipping and air transport market.
  • And more, by joining a number of international logistics alliances, we have also established a stable global logistics network through partnering with logistics companies from more than 200 countries around the world, and we have trained in-house specialists to handle all kinds of cargo that from ocean consolidation cargo (LCL) and full container (FCL) and air cargo to bulk, project, and tanker cargo.
  • Based on the belief that our clients’ success lead to the success of Taewon International Logistics, we will be a reliable logistics partner that can serve as a priming water for the successful businesses of our clients by safely and quickly transporting any type of cargo from any region of the world.
  • We look forward to continued interest and support from many clients .
  • Thank you..